Dr. Graffeo is a veteran Senior Executive, Board Member, Entrepreneur, teacher and coach with a successful track record of leading and managing science, and technology organizations including biopharma, pharmaceuticals, and medical products. His broad areas of expertise include international business; strategic planning; management consulting; entrepreneurship; leadership development; executive management; international marketing strategy; performance management; R&D portfolio management; mergers and acquisitions (M&A); and commercialization.

Dr. Graffeo’s breadth and depth of experience in managing science and technology over a 40-year career makes him uniquely qualified to teach science and technology (S&T) leadership. He has taught, consulted with and coached over 1000 scientists and engineers on three continents on managing S&T and currently serves as coach for R&D executives. He was appointed professor at Northeastern University in 2017 and is teaching graduate courses in Biotechnology Entrepreneurship and Leadership.

Dr. Graffeo is currently founder and president of Graffeo & Associates, an organization focused on helping S&T organizations create winning strategies, improve their performance and develop their management leadership.

Dr. Graffeo’s accomplishments include:

  • As a project and program manager, Dr. Graffeo led several multimillion-dollar government programs with the US DOD, EPA, and HHS in energy, environment, and bio-pharma.
  • As a business unit manager, Dr. Graffeo turned around several troubled S&T organizations in both the US and Europe and grew them into profitable, recognized centers of excellence.
  • As a global business manager, he developed business strategies, conducted international technology assessments, acquired and integrated companies, and developed several strategic client relationships.
  • As an entrepreneur, he spun out a contract research organization from Arthur D. Little, managed its growth, and sold it for three times its acquisition price in three years.
  • As a teacher and coach, he developed a unique ability to translate complex business and management concepts into a language more easily understood by scientists and engineers. He has developed a comprehensive set of leadership-training programs for S&T managers to help them critically evaluate their business processes, the value of their technology portfolios and the quality and depth of their leadership. He has taught, consulted with and coached over 1000 professionals on three continents.

Dr Graffeo joined Battelle in 1975. After serving as a bench scientist for two years, he was promoted to technical group leader and associate manager; the youngest in the history of the Institute. For the next 12 years he took on successively more responsibility as Chemistry Section Manager and Department Manager, and Laboratory Director of Battelle’s Marine Science laboratory. He gained a reputation as a “turnaround specialist” with a successful track record of fixing troubled S&T programs and growing them into recognized centers of excellence. At Battelle, he gained valuable experience in the business of contract research; selling and managing research to the U.S. Government.

Arthur D. Little Inc. (ADL) then recruited him to head up two of their business segments as Vice President and Managing Director of Life Sciences and Environmental Science and Technology. At ADL, he managed a technical and consulting staff of 150 scientists and engineers. In the Life Sciences business segment, he had P&L responsibility for toxicology, pharmacology, metabolism and pharmacokinetics, product formulation, and analytical chemistry. At ADL, he gained valuable experience in consulting with major industry segments: pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and the oil and gas industry.

He then spun out the life sciences business from ADL with the help of an angel investor and formed Biodevelopment Laboratories to serve the emerging biotech industry. Within three years, Biodevelopment Laboratories had built a thriving business with the pharmaceutical and biotech industry resulting in its acquisition by Genzyme for a 300% return on investment. In spinning out Biodevelopment Laboratories, he gained valuable entrepreneurial experience in creating and financing an S&T business.

He then returned to Battelle to head up its international operations in Latin America and Europe. He established Battelle’s Mexico operations and had corporate responsibility for Battelle’s Environmental and Agricultural Product Registration laboratory operations in Geneva, Switzerland and in Onger, UK. He expanded the UK operations with the acquisition of an agrochemical synthesis laboratory. He had corporate marketing responsibility for the Middle East, Europe, and Latin America. In his second stay at Battelle he gained valuable experience in the cultural and regulatory nuances of international business and the acquisition process.

Upon his retirement from Battelle in 2007, he was asked to write a report on the findings of a Kuwaiti Blue-Ribbon Panel commissioned by the Amir to develop a Science, Technology, and Innovation agenda for the country. This led to helping the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) and Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Science (KFAS) to implement the Blue-Ribbon Panel’s recommendations and develop a transformational science, technology and innovation strategy for the country. He spent the next 8 years training and coaching the country’s emerging science leaders resulting in placing nine graduates of his program in senior management positions at KISR.