Enertech Training and Management Consulting Company working in collaboration with Graffeo and Associates will conduct a 3-day workshop on Strategic Technology Management (STM) in Kuwait in October 2016.

A great deal of emphasis is currently being placed on the value of science, technology and innovation (STI) in creating job growth and growing the private sector economy not only in Kuwait, but throughout the world. Enertech in collaboration with Graffeo and Associates will offer in October 2016, the first, in what is planned to be a series of workshops  on Strategic Technology Management.  The workshops will be given over the course of three days with international experts leading discussions to explore and define the role that technology should play in business strategy.  Attendees will learn how to evaluate, manage and implement new and emerging technologies and lead technologists in Kuwaiti organizations.

Who should take this workshop?

The workshop presents a holistic approach to understanding how technology can support business strategy and how to manage technology across a range of business functions. The course is designed for senior line managers responsible for investing in and managing technology in their organizations.

Course Objectives

The overall workshop objectives will be twofold: to provide workshop participants a better understanding of the role that science, technology and innovation (STI) plays in supporting an organization’s business strategy and to provide practical approaches to evaluating and inserting technology and creating organizational alignment. A holistic approach will be taken covering a range of critical business processes including strategic planning, organizational alignment, performance management, and staff leadership. Emphasis will be placed on the innovation process by creating value through the development, acquisition, management and commercialization of technology. At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to understand how technology fits into their business strategy and leave with the tools to evaluate and implement technology projects into their organizations.

Workshop Outline

Day 1: Thriving in an Era of Technological Change: The Essential Role of Science and Technology in Business Strategy

On day 1, participants will learn how to monitor and evaluate emerging science and technology and to integrate this information into overall business strategy. Participants in the workshop will learn the basics about science and technology monitoring and evaluation and will be provided with best-practice guidance on how to integrate such information into business strategy. Topics will include:

  • How science and technology creates both opportunity and risk for organizations
  • Why some organizations are poorly equipped to integrate science and technology into strategy
  • How organizations can efficiently keep up with relevant science and technology trends
  • Self-diagnostic and feedback: how well does your organization integrate science and technology into overall business strategy?

Day 2: Making Smart Decisions: Where should the Organization Invest in New Science and Technology?

On Day 2, participants will better understand that strategy is about understanding risk and making smart decisions. Knowledge gained from day 1 on technology trends will be utilized to develop a technology portfolio that manages both short and long term risk and creates value for the enterprise. A framework will be presented to evaluate technology projects that includes strategic, operational and financial risks. Topics include:

  • Managing the technology selection and development process — making decisions about selecting and implementing new technologies.
  • Risk and financial analysis: what are the real costs and benefits of potential investments.
  • Understanding the challenges of technology insertion and managing change.
  • Optimizing the portfolio of science and technology investments.
  • Intellectual property and commercialization: capturing the value from investments in innovation.

Day 3: Organizational Essentials: Culture, Leadership, Decision-making, and Execution

On Day 3, participants will discover the differences in the culture and habits of technology driven organizations. Managing technological change presents different challenges to leadership and strategies must be robust if they are to be willingly adopted by highly intelligent and sophisticated technical staff.

  • Creating an open and dynamic organizational culture.
  • The importance of visionary leadership within rapidly changing business environments.
  • Managing and leading scientists and engineers – special challenges of leading and aligning the efforts of technologically sophisticated staff.
  • Managing and monitoring technology development and implementation projects.