This distillation of five leadership essentials comes from a meta analysis of leading thought leaders.

  1. You need to be a strategist that has a position about the future
  2. You have to be a executer who gets things done
  3. You need to be a talent manager who manages and engages people
  4. You need to be a human capital developer who looks to the future and develops the future of the people in organizations
  5. You need to demonstrate personal proficiency by taking care of yourself.

These leadership essentials closely align with the nine attributes of leadership I have described in STILE Points 15,17 and 18. I particularly like his discussion on #5 -personal leadership. Pay particular attention to his anecdote about using a separate family phone and turning down a consulting lead with a Board of Directors to keep a commitment with his daughter. I regret that I never did this during my corporate career.