In my previous blog on becoming a three-dimensional leader, I pointed out the three critical processes that need to be mastered. (learn more). Leadership is all about transforming ideas into significant results. When attempting any new endeavor, follow these ten steps to ensure success.


1. Dream expansively – Don’t limit your thinking. You have much more imagination than you think

2. Evaluate thoroughly – Carefully examine your motives and realistically match your talents with any new endeavor.

3. Think strategically – Determine both the immediate goal and the long-term consequences of the new endeavor.

4. Plan diligently – Write down the key success factors and specific action items that need to be focused on to achieve your strategy.


5. Communicate effectively – Provide a compelling and persuasive rationale for your endeavor first to yourself and then to your team

6. Act decisively – Act immediately on your endeavor focused on the critical success factors and specific action items

7. Adjust appropriately – Monitor the results of your actions and adjust when they are not contributing to your success factors


8. Reflect honestly – Spend time reflecting on the reasons for both success and failure of each action item.

9. Learn continuously – conduct a lessons-learned exercise and write down the results for future reference

10. Grow wisely – Increase your self-awareness and improve your mindset as you develop new strategies for future endeavors.

To become a three dimensional leader will require a change in mindset, learning new skills, and lots of practice. I am confident that you will find the effort worthwhile.

For a more in-depth discussion of this topic, read Leading Science and Technology Organizations: Mastering the Fundamentals of Personal, Managerial, and Executive Leadership.

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