Corporate Leadership Training

The single, most important factor in organizational success is the quality and depth of its leadership.

Wise investment in identifying and developing your high potential staff will result in significant returns, leading to higher organizational performance and greater staff satisfaction.

One of Dr. Graffeo’s major strengths is his teaching ability. He has a combination of technical knowledge, management experience and teaching skills that are unique among the leadership development community that engendered trust with our technical staff of scientists and engineers. Anyone looking to improve the leadership of their science and technology organization need look no further than Dr. Graffeo.

Dr. Wajih Sawaya, Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research

My Philosophy

  • In a science and technology-based business, leadership is essential at every level of the organization and the training experience must be customized for each level.
  • Scientists and engineers have latent leadership talent and can be trained to improve it significantly through teaching and coaching by successful S&T leaders and managers.
  • The leadership fundamentals must relate to the unique needs of scientists and engineers, taught in their language with examples from their culture.
  • A critical first step is an increased level of awareness that changes one’s mindset of the importance on focusing on “we” rather than “me”.
  • Learning must be experiential with examples and practices from actual technical cases.

We offer five levels of leadership training targeted
to the five major career stages of your outstanding employees.

Workshop Approach

Here is what you can expect from any one of my five workshops spanning the career of technical professionals.

  1. I conduct an inception meeting with senior leadership to better understand their view of the organization’s vision mission, strategy and values. This is critical to shaping the mindset of the workshop participants. At this meeting I also seek to uncover the critical issues facing the organization that need discussion in the workshop.
  1. I then incorporate the insights from the inception meeting to customize and personalize the workshop content. I will not bring your people to my workshop and subject them to some franchisee’s pre-prepared, canned training content.
  1. I invite your senior leadership to introduce the workshop and demonstrate his/her commitment to staff development
  1. During the workshop, I incorporate examples of how to lead and manage in a science culture and introduce case studies on the critical issues discussed in the inception meeting.
  1. Each workshop has well defined outcomes that can be reviewed and evaluated for effectiveness.
  1. I will provide you with an evaluation of the leadership potential of the workshop attendees since 70% of promotion success is in the selection process. And once I discover someone is unlikely to succeed in management, I will not hesitate to let you know and give you my reasons why.
  1. I will follow up with a coaching session within 60 days of the workshop to review to progress of participant’s action plans.
  1. This is personal for me. When you engage me, I am committed to your success. My fee is just icing on the cake.

Start them off on the right foot with leadership fundamentals geared to the challenges of their next managerial assignment


Developing Emerging Leaders

For young technical professionals who exhibit high potential and are seeking to make a significant impact in a technical or managerial leadership role.
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Supervising Technical Staff

For managers looking to improve their ability to lead staff to higher performance and greater job satisfaction.
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Leading Technical Projects

For project managers looking to go beyond basic project management principles and balance the needs of their project staff, clients, and organization.
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Entrepreneurial Leadership

For mid-level managers interested in entrepreneurial strategies and skills that create new business value from science.
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Executive Leadership

For senior level managers seeking to refine their organizational strategy, performance management systems, and talent management.
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